Back in a Flash LLC was founded in 2008 to develop, patent, produce, market and distribute its namesake product. Back in a Flash™ had its U.S. introduction at the January 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2009) in Las Vegas.

The year prior to its introduction was spent developing the product into a mature and robust one (e.g., fine-tuning the application, testing it on all platforms, distributing it to beta-testers and compiling the results, etc.), dealing with intellectual property matters (not just applying for a patent, but making sure it would prevail), working with several national and international firms to design and develop the packaging and look-and-feel of the product, software and website, and implementing a responsive customer-service program. Some of this – from the product’s maturity to the industrial design aspects – may be seen in the other pages of this Web site.

Response to Back in a Flash™ at CES 2009 and thereafter exceeded our expectations, with firms large and small, domestic and foreign, expressing interest and placing orders.

Back in a Flash™ is custom manufactured in ShenZhen, China, to our exacting specifications. Current manufacturing capacity is about one million (1,000,000) units per month; capacity can be increased, but would require our inspection and certification of additional manufacturing plants.

Distribution and sales of Back in a Flash™ is evolving; the current arrangements may be viewed in the Purchase page of this Web site.

Please see the Contact Us page for press inquiries or if you desire additional information.

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